Domain Buyer’s Guide is the marketplace for premium app domain names.

Domain names listed on the website are divided into two groups – ‘Buy now’ domains with a fixed price and ‘Make offer’ domains where you can submit an offer and the domain owner will decide whether or not to accept the offer or enter into a negotiation. Please contact us at any point if you have questions during the process.

Safe and secure payments

When you buy a domain name from us, an established third-party escrow service will handle the payment and ownership transfer. Only after you have full control over the domain will payment be sent to us. Accepted payment methods include credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers:


How long does the process take?

The amount of time it takes to purchase and receive ownership of a domain name varies depending on the payment method used and the registrar that the domain is being transferred to. Most domain transfers can take place within 5 working days and more quickly than that in many cases.

Who owns the domains? promotes domain names belonging to our own portfolio or owned by one of our trusted partners.

Payment Plans

We also offer secure payment plans for many domain names. Our payment plans give you immediate use of the domain name but can spread payments over several months. Visit our 
Payment Plans section for more details.

Please contact us if you have any payment questions.

‘Buy now’ domains

If the domain name you are interested in has a ‘Buy now’ price next to it, you can purchase it for that price without the need for negotiation. Simply click on the ‘Buy now’ button next to the name and you will be directed to a secure shopping cart operated by established marketplace (click here to see an example shopping cart). On the shopping cart page, just enter your contact and payment details and the payment will be processed.

Once processed, your payment will be held securely in escrow by Afternic until you have confirmed that the domain name has been transferred to your ownership.

‘Make offer’ domains

If you are interested in a domain name without a fixed ‘Buy now’ price then either give us a call or fill out the form on the relevant domain page and submit your offer amount (click here to see a ‘Make offer’ domain page). If your offer is above the minimum bid threshold required by the domain owner it will be passed on to one of our domain brokers for review. The domain owner will either accept your offer, come back to you with a counter offer or decline your offer.

If a sale price for the domain is agreed an established third-party escrow service will securely handle both the payment and the domain transfer.